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    How does the 'Shipping service from Türkiye' work?

    Our 'Shipping service from Türkiye' allows you to ship goods from Türkiye to any country worldwide. Once you have your items ready for shipping, you can send them to our warehouse in KONYA. From there, we'll handle the logistics of shipping your goods using renowned carriers like DHL, FedEx, Aramex, SMSA, TNT, and UPS, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery to your specified destination.

    What is the 'free address in Türkiye' service and how can I use it?

    Our 'free address in Türkiye' service provides you with a real address in Turkey, which you can use to collect your goods before we ship them internationally. This is especially useful for customers who shop from multiple Turkish vendors. Simply have your purchases delivered to this address, and we'll consolidate them and prepare them for international shipment.

    Can you explain the 'Buy and Ship' service?

    The 'Buy and Ship' service is designed for customers who wish to purchase items from Turkish online shopping platforms. You shop and make your purchases, and then we ship your items to your country. This service simplifies the process of buying from Turkish online stores, especially for those who face challenges with international shipping options.

    How does the 'Buy for me' service work?

    Our 'Buy for me' service is for customers who want to buy products from Turkish platforms but prefer us to handle the purchase. We buy the products on your behalf at the best prices, conduct a quality check, and then ship them to your country. This service ensures you get the best deals and quality products without the hassle of dealing with different vendors.

    What are the shipping costs and how long does it take to ship internationally?

    Shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of your package, as well as the destination country. We work with various carriers to offer competitive rates. For specific pricing, please contact us at [email protected] with your shipping details. The delivery time also varies based on the destination and the chosen shipping service, but we aim to provide the fastest and most efficient shipping options available.