Please contact us if you want to ship a package exceeding 30 kg to get a special rate.

  1. Choose the country you want to ship to (Example: Germany)
  2. Enter the weight of the shipment (must be between 0.5-30 kg)
  3. If the shipment is of a relatively large size, enter the dimensions of the shipment accurately (activate the “Enter Dimensions” option and enter the length, width, and height in cm).
  4. Click on the "View Prices" button.
  5. Choose the shipping company you want and click “Add to Cart”

Non-Shippable Items

Liquids: This includes beverages, oils, perfumes, and cosmetics in liquid form.

Perishable Foods: Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products that can spoil during transit.

Flammable Items: Aerosols, fireworks, matches, lighters, and any goods that are easily combustible.

Hazardous Materials: Chemicals, batteries, paints, and items containing harmful substances.

Drugs and Narcotics: Illegal drugs, as well as certain prescription medications without appropriate documentation.

Weapons and Explosives: Guns, ammunition, bombs, and all types of weapons or explosive devices.

Corrosives: Acids, mercury, and any substances that can corrode materials.

Pressurized Cans: Spray paints, air fresheners, and other items in pressurized containers.

Live Animals: Most shipping services do not allow the shipment of live animals.

Valuable Items: High-value items like jewelry, antiques, and art may be restricted due to the risk of loss or damage.

Sexual tonics: Customs prohibit the entry of most types of sexual tonics, regardless of their consistency, liquid, solid, or gel.

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